Topic: Services

Women’s Alliance Speaker Series Presents:

Services in-person and online (click HERE) “The Boneheap in the Lion’s Den: Poetry, Pain, and Perseverance,” featuring Maya J. Sorini. Maya J. Sorini is a narrative medicine scholar, medical student, essayist, and award-winning poet. Her first collection, The Boneheap in the Lion’s Den, won the 2023 Press 53 Award for Poetry and was a semifinalist for the 2024 Poetry Society … Continue reading Women’s Alliance Speaker Series Presents:

All-Ages Earth Day Service: “Sacred Connections”

Services in-person and online (click HERE) The Earth is not just our home; it is our very source of life. It provides us with the gifts necessary for our survival. It serves as a source of beauty and awe. It continues to surprise and humble us. Join us for our all-ages service celebrating the sacred connection with this ancient planet we … Continue reading All-Ages Earth Day Service: “Sacred Connections”

The Power of Difference

Services in-person and online (click HERE) Life includes constant change. Change itself is not inherently good or bad; it just is. But not all change is good for us. We are learning this lesson as a global community as we confront the impact of climate change, for example. To survive and grow as human beings, we must learn when to go with the … Continue reading The Power of Difference

Music Sunday: “Music and Meaning”

Services in-person and online (click HERE) Join us for the annual Music Sunday, featuring the work of the Choir, Matt Anderson, John Freund, and Robert René Galván. The service will include a variety of music and readings from across the world, as well as an original song by our own John Freund.

Leadership Sunday

Services in-person and online (click HERE) CUC’s Leadership Development Team offers a service celebrating leaders in our congregation.