People come to our congregation from diverse religious backgrounds, ethnicity, economic circumstance and sexual orientation.  All are welcome to pursue a free and responsible search for truth in a loving environment that accepts you for you are but also challenges you to give of your best self to our faith community.

Our stories are as diverse as we are.  We are one-time Catholics and Jews, evangelists and agnostics, as well as  those who grew up without a faith tradition.  We are single and live in couples, childless and in our child-rearing years.  We are young and old and in between.  We are straight and gay.  Our ancestors came from all the nations of the world, and our children study all the world’s religions – a true religious education – to help them build a strong moral and faith foundation to guide them through a complicated world.

These are our stories.  We look forward to meeting in person and hearing your own.

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