September Worship Services

Our Sunday Worship Services will remain online for the foreseeable future. The Music & Worship Team is actively working on a new format which we will introduce soon. In the meantime, you can access our Sunday services live at 10:30AM through Zoom. The recorded services are posted on the CUC Facebook page and YouTube page later the same day of the service.

To access our Sunday worship service, go to:

(Meeting ID: 950 5267 2835; Password: 183503)
If needed, you may also dial into the audio portion of the service only:
Call 646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 950 5267 2835; Password: 183503)


September’s Worship Theme: “Growth”

This congregational year we will explore a different theme each month through our worship services.  Our monthly themes each represent an aspect of our theme for the entire congregational year: “Growing Toward Our Future.”  September’s worship theme is “Growth.”


Sunday, September 5

Cultivating Spiritual Resilience

Location: Zoom Only

As Unitarian Universalists there are many spiritual resources we can draw on in hard times which may offer wisdom and support to us both individually and collectively. Over the course of this service we will explore some avenues for engaging in life-affirming practices and consider how we might continue to build our capacity for spiritual resilience in the days to come. This service will be led by Alia Shinbrough.

Alia Shinbrough is a New Jersey-based Candidate for Unitarian Universalist Ministry, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, and a life-long Unitarian Universalist. Outside of preparing for ministry, Alia can often be found reading science fiction, keeping up to date on current events, connecting with friends and family, fighting for a more just world, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Sunday, September 12

Homecoming Sunday: “Growing Toward Our Future”

Location: In-Person at CUC and Zoom

This service marks our annual “Homecoming Sunday” when we traditionally gather again as a full congregation after the quieter summer months.  We will participate in our annual Water Ceremony, offer a blessing to our new congregational leaders, and hold a Backpack Blessing for those returning to school.  Our Homecoming Theme for 2021 is “Growing Toward our Future.”  We will celebrate all the elements at CUC which nurture and contribute to our growth.

Bring your water from a place that has been meaningful to you this year.  Your water may be from a place you managed to travel to this year, or from a local body of water.  Your water might also come from your yards or your tap.   As always, the gathering of our waters symbolizes all that each of us contributes to our congregational community.

The in-person portion of the service will take place in the CUC courtyard.  In case of inclement weather, the service will be moved indoors, although seating will be limited to the first 45 people who register.  

Registration required to attend in person. 

Note: We are unable to host our annual CUC Picnic this Sunday due to our COVID-19 safety procedures.  However, we encourage you to stay after the service for fellowship and connection.  Please bring your own snack and beverage if needed.

Sunday,  September 19

Preparing for the Journey

Location: In-Person at CUC and Zoom

The Jewish high holidays, known as the Days of Awe, start with Rosh Hashanah (9/6 – 9/8) and end with Yom Kipper (9/15 – 9/16).  This Sunday we honor these holidays by considering its practice to prepare ourselves for the year ahead as a form of self growth.  Registration required to attend in person.

Sunday,  September 26

Growing Together

Location: In-Person at CUC and Zoom

This Sunday we examine all the different ways we grow (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and we consider what it means to grow together as a spiritual community.  Registration required to attend in person.