‘Sailing Our Spiritual River’

Members of our high school Youth Group lead the annual Youth Service this Sunday in a program entitled “Sailing Our Spiritual River,” encouraging us all to delve into our spiritual rivers and reflect on our journeys. Our high school seniors share their stories and reflections on their recent study trip to our partner church in Prague, Czech Republic.

The group describes their service this way: “Our faith is like a river, bending and turning as we move through life, and growing stronger with each adventure. Our experiences in life and interactions with others, especially people of different cultures and faiths, broaden our understanding of the world and of ourselves. Each of us has an individual journey but all of our rivers open to the same sea.”

Nick O’Neill is the Welcome Host. The Children and Youth Religious Education Committee host Coffee Hour.

Sunday School children and teachers in grades 4 and up attend the Youth Service. Pre-K to grade 3 Sunday School classes meet as scheduled.