‘Sacred Connections in the Desert’

Allison Cryer, Student Minister, presents a sermon entitled “Sacred Connections in the Desert.” This past summer Allison joined religious and lay leaders from around the country for Faith Floods the Desert, a humanitarian mission to provide water in the Arizona borderlands. This effort was done in support of migrants and in solidarity with volunteers who have been charged with misdemeanors for their participation in prior water drops. In light of the crisis of deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border, we came together as a community to assert our sacred rights as human beings to give and to receive life-sustaining aid. Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education, and David Horst, Minister, join Allison in leading the service. We take time during our prayer and meditation to remember the victims of the Tree of Life Congregation synagogue shootings.

The Church Choir and House Band perform “Paz y Libertad” and “Wade in the Water.” Robert René Galvin, Choir Director, conducts and Matt Anderson, Director of Music, accompanies.

Remember that Daylight Saving Time ends next  Sunday morning. It’s time to ‘fall’ back!