John Freund presents ‘It’s the Principle of the Thing’

Church Member John Freund leads the worship program this Sunday morning, February 24, at 10:30. His sermon topic is “It’s the Principle of the Thing.” A gifted musician and composer, John also performs two of his songs “Beginning from the End” and “Threads of the Web.” Much of our moral sense of ourselves as people and as a society is informed by our “principles.” We often identify ourselves in the context of the communities we join, and we adopt the principles set forth by those communities. And yet do we really understand what those principles are? Or what they mean? Do we even really understand what a “principle” is?

Susan Gempler, Worship Associate; Matt Anderson, Director of Music; and Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education, join John in presenting the program. Randi and Angelo Petruzzella light the chalice, provide flowers, and host Coffee Hour. Annette and Josef Machac are the Welcome Hosts.

Children and teachers join us for the beginning of the program then depart for Sunday School classes at 10:45.