Failing Gracefully: Cultivating Humility & Growth

Guest Service Leader: Erol Delos Santos

In a culture where success and achievements are often glamorized, the tendency to shy away from failure is all too common. The American novelist and activist Anne Lamott reminds us that “perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor”; a tool to tie down our ability to take bold risks, love imperfectly, and grow in ways unhindered by the manufactured pressures of society. On Sunday, October 22, join us as we explore the radical art of failing gracefully.

Our guest service leader is Erol Delos Santos, who is a 3rd Year Master of Divinity Student at Union Theological Seminary and an Aspirant with the UUA. He is a member in good standing at the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York, where he is embraced in love, community, and sponsorship.