April 2023 Services

Online Attendance

Our services can be accessed each Sunday at 10:30AM through Zoom:

https://tinyurl.com/CUCSundayServices (Meeting ID: 950 5267 2835; Password: 183503)

If needed, you may also dial into the audio portion of the service only:

Call 646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 950 5267 2835; Password: 183503)

The recorded services are posted on the CUC Facebook page and YouTube page later the same day of the service.


Sunday, April 2
Stories for Collective Liberation
The Jewish holiday of Passover begins at sundown on Wednesday,
April 5. The story of liberation at the center of this holiday lives on
because it is intentionally passed from generation to generation. Yet,
well into the 21st century there exists a movement to ban other
liberation stories from schools and libraries under the banner of
“parental choice.” What will this mean for generations growing up
without these stories?

Sunday, April 9
All-Ages Easter Service: Beyond Redemption
Join us for our Easter service as we celebrate the Christian story
of redemption, one often dismissed by Unitarian Universalists.
We’ll consider its meaning for us today and how it can serve as a
force for creating a better world. The CUC choir performs.
Families with young children: stay after the service for our annual
Easter Egg hunt!

Sunday, April 16
In This, I Have Faith
In a universe too big to know completely, humans spend a lot of time
and effort developing beliefs; arguing about them, defending them, and
dismissing or even dismantling what others believe, because…well…
we’re right and they’re not. I want to ask, “What if it’s not about being
right?” We Unitarian Universalists profess a respect of the beliefs of
others; as different as they may be. But more importantly, what about
understanding their significance? Most importantly, how can
understanding diverse beliefs lead to a common Faith? How can a ’Statistical

Atheist’ resonate with a Mono-Theist? Our service this

morning will be led by CUC member John Freund.

Sunday, April 23
Earth Day: Finding Our Future
We gather to honor Earth Day, which takes place on Saturday April 22.
Climate change is execrating and its effects are already adversely
impacting people and communities around the world. We are nearing
the point where it’s effects may become irreversible. At a time while we
are facing this humbling truth, we’ll explore ways we can find a hopeful
future, and ways religion plays a role in guiding a path towards that

Sunday, April 30
Community Sunday with Bergen County LGBTQ+ Alliance
We set aside a few Sunday’s each year to lift up one of our community
partners. This is a way for us to consider how their mission aligns with
our values and how we can take action to support their work. This
Sunday, we welcome Bergen County LGBTQ+ Alliance (BCLA), an
organization founded by CUC members Anthony Torres and Nick O’Neal.
BCLA’s mission is to advocate for equality and resources for the
LGBTQ+ community in Bergen County, NJ.
Stay after the service for a Current Events Forum to discuss the issues
raised during this service.