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CUC Youth Group Service (All-Ages)

Services in-person and online (click Here). This Sunday, our CUC Youth Group leads our service and shares their experiences during their recent trip to visit our sibling congregation in Prague.

Embracing Difference

Services in-person and online (click HERE) The latest articulation of our shared values as Unitarian Universalists names “pluralism” as a shared value. What does it mean to value pluralism? How does it relate to diversity and inclusion? What does this value mean for us as individuals, as a congregation, and as a faith movement? This … Continue reading Embracing Difference

We are All in this Together – Annual CUC Stigma Free Mental Health Awareness Service

Services in-person and online (click HERE) One of the many ways that human beings experience diversity is through our brain function. Experiences and behaviors that in the past have been labeled “abnormal” or “problematic,” such as dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism spectrum disorder, are now better understood to be a part of our natural human neurodiversity. Rather than problems to be … Continue reading We are All in this Together – Annual CUC Stigma Free Mental Health Awareness Service

Coming of Age Service

Coming of Age Service—This special service, led by our Family Faith Formation program, features our Coming of Age students sharing their credo statements. It is an opportunity to both support and learn from some of the youth in our congregation.

Women’s Alliance Speaker Series Presents:

Services in-person and online (click HERE) “The Boneheap in the Lion’s Den: Poetry, Pain, and Perseverance,” featuring Maya J. Sorini. Maya J. Sorini is a narrative medicine scholar, medical student, essayist, and award-winning poet. Her first collection, The Boneheap in the Lion’s Den, won the 2023 Press 53 Award for Poetry and was a semifinalist for the 2024 Poetry Society … Continue reading Women’s Alliance Speaker Series Presents:

All-Ages Earth Day Service: “Sacred Connections”

Services in-person and online (click HERE) The Earth is not just our home; it is our very source of life. It provides us with the gifts necessary for our survival. It serves as a source of beauty and awe. It continues to surprise and humble us. Join us for our all-ages service celebrating the sacred connection with this ancient planet we … Continue reading All-Ages Earth Day Service: “Sacred Connections”

The Power of Difference

Services in-person and online (click HERE) Life includes constant change. Change itself is not inherently good or bad; it just is. But not all change is good for us. We are learning this lesson as a global community as we confront the impact of climate change, for example. To survive and grow as human beings, we must learn when to go with the … Continue reading The Power of Difference

The Heat of Transformation (Recognition of Ramadan)

Services in-person and online (click HERE) The Islamic holy month of Ramadan began on March 10 and continues until April 9. This Sunday, we explore how the practice of Ramadan invites its observers into a time of self-transformation.