We welcome participation by all who walk through our doors. Come in, come back and get to know us. Participate in our social and faith development events. Contribute your time and money to our good works. Find out how good it feels to give, and how much you receive in return.

Then, at the right moment, you may find yourself eager for the next step. You may want a deeper commitment to the mission and a more powerful bond with the people.  You may find that strengthening your faith means strengthening your ties to our faith community.  You will be ready for membership in the congregation.

The Meaning of Membership

Our members covenant to support the work of the church by sharing their time and talent with the congregation.  They also commit to financial support of our mission through an annual pledge.  When you become a member of Central Unitarian Church, you enter a committed relationship that involves both rights and responsibilities.  Learn more.

How to Become a Member

Membership in the Central Unitarian Church is for those who are ready to commit themselves to a religious community in order to change their lives, and those of their loved ones, for the better.   Learn more.

Is CUC the Place for You? (Monthly Q&A)

On the fourth Sunday of each month, after the service, visitors have the chance to grab a cup of coffee and join us on the stage to learn more about our congregation. Every Unitarian Universalist congregation has its own personality and chooses different ways to serve its members and the greater community. Our informal monthly meeting helps visitors understand how a deeper connection with Central Unitarian can contribute to their lives. Childcare is provided.