CUC is now accepting pledges of financial support for the 2023-24 fiscal year that begins on July 1. Our theme is Sharing the Journey Home. We need your help to keep CUC strong as we journey toward a new and better future together.

We offer you three easy ways to make your pledge. Choose the one that’s right for you:

Use a simple online form to tell us about your pledge. Click this link to go to the form. Fill it out, click Submit – and your done!

If you are comfortable using Realm to make your 2023-24 pledge, go right ahead. You can also arrange to pay it automatically on whatever schedule you prefer from your bank account or credit card. Last year, Realm was our number one source of pledges and payments. If you would like to learn how to pledge and pay on Realm, open this helpful document.

You can also write to the Stewardship Team to tell them, confidentially, what your 2023-24 pledge will be and how often you plan to pay it (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Click here to start an email.

Thanks.  Every pledge we receive, in whatever amount, helps light our path and brings a brilliant future into better focus. As you have counted on CUC during the pandemic, we hope CUC will be able to count on you.