We turn to one another for help in many ways. The minister at Central Unitarian remains on call for hospital visits, and grief counseling at need. The minister arranges for professional colleagues to cover such needs when away on travel.

A select team of congregational members, known as the Pastoral Care team, augments the minister’s efforts by staying alert to members who might have a need for support in the form of visits, calls, transportation or meals. These forms of support will be kept confidential if the recipient desires.

As part of Sunday service, members with news to share can light candles of joy and sorrow and may include a brief note to be read during the call to prayer.  Those joining us online may write their note in the chat box to be read aloud.  And, of course, the connections we make with one another through shared experience help us to support one another on a one-to-one, informal basis.

Need Help?  Want to Help?

To request help from Pastoral Care or volunteer to help, email pastoral@cucparamus.org.